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Arch Windows & Plantation Shutters

Adding Shutters to Specialty Shaped Windows Windows come in all shapes and sizes, not just rectangles and squares. Modern homes are complete with ornate specialty shaped windows in half-circle, angle top, and elliptical designs. While these windows add a touch of sophisticated interior design, they also present a unique challenge....
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How Plantation Shutters Can Complement Your Hardwood Floors

Home remodeling can take a long time — months and sometimes even years. Remodeling your house also takes a lot of research. To make sure you are doing everything right, hiring quality professionals, and using the most up-to-date styles, you must plan beforehand. Luckily, we are here to help. Hardwood Floors:...
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Eclipse Shutters Announces New User-Friendly Site

Check out the Press Release about our new website and features. We'd love to hear your thought. Click Here!

Keeping Your Eclipse Shutters Looking Like New

Custom Eclipse Shutters  are an elegant addition to any home. Their stylish appearance and ease of maintenance have made them a popular decorating choice for years. A light periodic cleaning will keep these shutters looking as good as the day they were installed. Eclipse Shutters carry a 25-year warranty, the...
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Plantation Shutters for Different Design Styles

Plantation shutters are the perfect complement for traditional and contemporary design styles. They add a stylish touch to any home and are a versatile window treatment choice for today’s homeowners. Eclipse Shutters last years longer than some other types of window coverings, meaning they will still be a design asset...
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