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Can I Add Curtains to Windows with Blinds?

You are remodeling your Atlanta home and are wondering if you should change your window design. The answer is, why not? Window upgrades will transform any room into possibly your favorite room of the house. By providing natural light into your home, you will create a welcoming and stylish environment that...
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Master Bedroom Makeover: Five Ideas to Try

So, you’ve remodeled your whole house—your kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. Maybe you have even renovated your back deck or front yard. But now it’s time you give your master bedroom a makeover. This is often the last place Atlanta homeowners decide to upgrade, because we want the places that...
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How Do I Dress Up My Living Room?

7 Ways to Bring Your Home to Life The living room—where your family gathers to watch the Atlanta Falcons, do homework, and host family gatherings. The living room is often the first room guests see as they enter your house. What does your living room say about you? Are you...
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Arch Windows & Plantation Shutters

Adding Shutters to Specialty Shaped Windows Windows come in all shapes and sizes, not just rectangles and squares. Modern homes are complete with ornate specialty shaped windows in half-circle, angle top, and elliptical designs. While these windows add a touch of sophisticated interior design, they also present a unique challenge....
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How Plantation Shutters Can Complement Your Hardwood Floors

Home remodeling can take a long time — months and sometimes even years. Remodeling your house also takes a lot of research. To make sure you are doing everything right, hiring quality professionals, and using the most up-to-date styles, you must plan beforehand. Luckily, we are here to help. Hardwood Floors:...
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