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What to Consider for Playroom Safety

Once you have kids, your home’s composition must change. In addition to adding a nursery, you may want to also consider adding a playroom. This space will give your kids a specific area to place their toys and keep your living room clean. There are many factors to consider when...
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Enhance your French Doors with Plantation Shutters

  French doors date back to the 17 th Century and since then, have become a popular home and office design. If you live or work in Atlanta, chances are you have seen a French door before. These beautiful doors usually come in pairs, but can also be seen as...
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Bay Window Blinds & Shutters

You may have driven by a house in your neighborhood and seen an interesting window on the outside. Extending from the regular walls of the house, bay windows create a decorative exterior design. Bay windows were first introduced in stone cathedrals during the Gothic era and became popular during the...
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Can I Add Curtains to Windows with Blinds?

You are remodeling your Atlanta home and are wondering if you should change your window design. The answer is, why not? Window upgrades will transform any room into possibly your favorite room of the house. By providing natural light into your home, you will create a welcoming and stylish environment that...
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Master Bedroom Makeover: Five Ideas to Try

So, you’ve remodeled your whole house—your kitchen, living room, and bathrooms. Maybe you have even renovated your back deck or front yard. But now it’s time you give your master bedroom a makeover. This is often the last place Atlanta homeowners decide to upgrade, because we want the places that...
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