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Plantation Shutters for Different Design Styles

Plantation shutters are the perfect complement for traditional and contemporary design styles. They add a stylish touch to any home and are a versatile window treatment choice for today’s homeowners. Eclipse Shutters last years longer than some other types of window coverings, meaning they will still be a design asset...
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Fitting Custom Windows with Eclipse Custom Shutters

Eclipse custom-made shutters are the perfect window treatment for your home! They are a stylish and classic decorating choice that works well with both traditional and contemporary styles. Shutters provide an upscale look while also providing privacy, light control, and energy efficiency for the homeowner.  All Eclipse Shutters are custom...
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Wood or Faux Wood?

For many years, wood was the standard material used in the construction of plantation shutters. These traditional shutters gave a classic elegance to the home. They offered light control and privacy, and could be painted to match the home’s décor or existing trim color. However, wood shutters were not without...
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4 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

In today's economy, many homeowners want to be sure that the window coverings they choose not only make a statement but also have value. When it comes to other window treatment options, plantation shutters are superior. Their long life means that homeowners get added resale value for their home. Check...
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Factors to Consider for Your Next Decorating Project

Are custom shutters the right decorating choice for your next home project? Shutters are a stylish option that can make a statement in any room. They are easy to maintain, energy efficient, and outlast many other types of window treatments. Here are some practical factors to consider when looking at...
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