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Our Company

  • Eclipse® Shutters unveils new products and updates

    We strive to consistently enhance the overall look, design, and functionality for our customers! 2017 brings new products and updates into the Eclipse Shutters product line:

  • 2016 - Eclipse® Shutters IS BEST FOR KIDS™ CERTIFIED

    Eclipse® Shutters is proud to announce their Best for Kids™ certification!

    Child safety is important not only to Eclipse Shutters, but to the entire window covering industry.

    The Best for Kids certification is a brand new safety program put forth by the WCMA (Window Covering Manufacturers Association). This is the industry’s first third party certification program designed to help consumers and retailers easily identify products that are safe to use in homes with young children.

  • 2013 - Eclipse® Shutters LAUNCHES THE NEW ULTRASATIN™ FINISH

    UltraSatin finish is a revolutionary technology for Eclipse Shutters that successfully achieves the look of a premium, painted shutter.

    Eclipse Shutters with UltraSatin finish brings elegance to any interior with the soft, matte lustre of freshly painted wood and will always look as luxurious as the day they were installed.

  • 2011 - Eclipse® Shutters launches ADDITIONAL specialty shapes

    Eclipse Shutters originally launched the Eclipse Arch which included 5 specialty shaped shutters, and has now launched 6 additional shapes! Now available in eleven shapes that fit a variety of arch styles: Half Circle, Eyebrow, Quarter Circle, Tunnel, Elliptical, Symmetrical Angle Top, Angle Top, Hexagon, Full Rake, Half Rake, and Octagon.

    Eclipse Specialty Shaped Shutters make it possible to enjoy the simplicity of plantation shutters on non-traditionally shaped windows.


    Eclipse Shutters fabrication expanded internationally to South Africa and the United Kingdom.

  • 2009 - Eclipse® Shutters LAUNCHES THE award winning Eclipse arch

    Engineered to provide a cohesive look from top to bottom, the Eclipse Arch has all of the same components and attributes of our standard shutter. The design was awarded “Best New Technical Innovation” by the Window Covering Manufacturers Association Awards! The WCMA Awards recognizes significant product advancements in the window covering industry, and we are honored to have won this coveted distinction.

    The introduction of the Eclipse Arch included the half-circle, quarter-circle, eyebrow, elliptical and tunnel shapes.


    Because of the technological innovation, market expansion, and competition, sometimes it is wise to an evolving business to consider rebranding. Vinylbilt Shutters had been a successful brand since 1992, and while growth continued, the company decided to rebrand into Eclipse Shutters to further reach their target markets.

    Eclipse Shutters was established in 2006, and the rebrand generated excitement and established a cohesive look for marketing purposes.


    In 2003, Vinylbilt Shutters was acquired by Turnils North America. Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Turnils is a leading distributor of components for custom window coverings to fabricators across the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

    Turnils and its business units offer a fully integrated approach from the supply of components, to machinery and production time studies, to training materials and award winning marketing support.



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Eclipse® Shutters are the number one selling shutter product in North America and the largest manufacturer of custom plantation shutters. We are proud to say that Eclipse Shutters’ proven program has been successful in the market for over 25 years. Established in 1992, we take pride in our dedication to innovative product development, technological advancements, continuous product improvement and our strong commitment to customer satisfaction.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Eclipse Shutters has a nation-wide network of fabricator and dealer partners who are dedicated to providing their customers with a custom-made shutter that is locally manufactured and of the highest quality. We have licensed fabricators all across the United States, and thousands of dealers and retailers that carry our product. We also have partners in Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

Eclipse Shutters’ unique manufacturing process combines highly automated equipment with skilled workmanship to provide the fastest delivery times in the industry. To demonstrate the commitment to our customers, Eclipse Shutters offers an unlimited 25-year warranty - the best in the industry. We will also guarantee your custom shutters are produced in seven days or less! We offer affordable elegance for today’s consumer.